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Sculpture design by the artist Guillaume Bottazzi, made of enamels in 2021

Sculpture, enamels, 3 meters high, Croix, France ©

“For the past 30 years, the prolific Guillaume Bottazzi has been travelling the world to disseminate works in situ. A keen espouser of enamel and fabric, he is an ambassador for environmental art.”
Le Monde newspaper, September 2020

Guillaume Bottazzi, art in situ, 2023

Enamels, Camargue, France ©

“French artist recognized as one of the pioneers of neuro-aesthetics, Guillaume Bottazzi has created more than 100 works of art in public spaces over the last thirty years. His environmental artworks, both indoors and outdoors, are the result of a holistic approach incorporating a range of parameters.”
La Libre Belgique newspaper, January 2023

Guillaume Bottazzi, art in situ, 2023, ceramic, Vincennes, Grand Paris.

Ceramic, Grand Paris, France ©

“The works of Guillaume Bottazzi create dreamlike spaces a dreamlike space in which we live. Space does not exist in itself but is a mental construction. These works beyond reality modify our environment and make our dream.”
TL Magazine, may 2021

Art in situ designed by Guillaume Bottazzi, made of ceramic in Brussels

Ceramic, Brussels ©

“Few artists can claim to create works that make us feel good with scientific evidence to back them up. This is the case with Guillaume Bottazzi, whose works have been the subject of a scientific study in cognitive psychology entitled “The art of curves in the real world, a psychological look at the works of Guillaume Bottazzi”, which proves that the painter’s creations do the viewer good. They reduce anxiety and produce dopamine.”
La quotidienne, July 2022

Guillaume Bottazzi, public art in Japan. The biggest painting in Japan, created for the MIMAS Museum

900 square meters’ painting, Miyanomori International Museum of Art, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan ©

“The Miyanomori Art Museum in Sapporo has decided to give French artist Guillaume Bottazzi carte blanche to decorate its 900m2 of facades. The Japanese institution could not have chosen an artist according more closely to its own views: since the 1990s, the artist has been using fresh and colourful paint on wall and canvas, which has earned him a number of exhibitions and public commissions in France and Japan.”
L’Oeil magazine & Le Journal des Arts, December 2011

Guillaume Bottazzi, public art, Miyanomori International Museum of Art, Japan

900 square meters’ painting, Miyanomori International Museum of Art, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan ©

“The French artist has just completed Japan’s largest mural at the Miyanomori Art Museum in Sapporo. This 900m² work was initiated as part of the “Hope 2011” event, constituting a tribute to the victims of the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.”
Flux News, quarterly magazine of contemporary art news, January / February / March 2013

Bottazzi, public art in Japan. This monumental painting takes place on the Miyanomori International Art Museum in Japan

900 square meters’ painting, Miyanomori International Museum of Art, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan ©

“Guillaume Bottazzi, who has visited Japan on many occasions, was greatly dismayed by the terrible impact of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated Japan in March 2011. The decision to rebuild the museum and to ask a leading European artist to join this message of hope marked by the rebirth of the museum proves that contemporary art can stimulate courage by showing the way to reconstruction.”
Le courrier de lArchitecte magazine, September 2011

Artwork in situ, enamels on glasses created for a building in China

Enamels, Zhengzhou, China ©

“Guillaume Bottazzi, pioneer of Neuroaesthetic stream, has since over 30 years signed about 100 artworks in public spaces.”
Les Echos newspaper, May 2021

Guillaume Bottazzi, public art in Paris, 6 paintings of 6 meters by 6 meters

216 square meters’ painting, Paris La Défense ©

“The Paris Business District is putting on a show and doing so with dizzying boldness! At the foot of the glass and steel skyscrapers, the forecourt has become an extraordinary contemporary art gallery. Created in three months, the monumental fresco by the painter Guillaume Bottazzi is the 70th work in what is the largest open-air modern and contemporary art complex in France.”
Arc-en-Ciel, Air Caraïbes, inflight magazine, July/August 2015

Guillaume Bottazzi - Art public Paris

216 square meters’ painting, Paris La Défense ©

“Guillaume Bottazzi’s arrives at its definitive home in the art spaces of La Défense, where it becomes the 70th work of art on display. La Défense week offers an opportunity to discover the work of Guillaume Bottazzi, who has here created […] a painting covering more than 200 m², in the form of six pictures measuring six metres by six metres. They round off the already rich collection in the business district, comprising works by artists from Alexander Calder to Richard Serra, Joan Miró and César.”
Le Journal du Grand Paris, September 2015

Guillaume Bottazzi, art public, 6 tableaux monumentaux à Paris La Defense

216 square meters’ painting, Paris La Défense ©

“In the world of the city, works of art in public spaces soften the confrontation with an urbanism sometimes perceived as dehumanised: the works of Guillaume Bottazzi contribute to the well-being of the city’s inhabitants by introducing strangeness into their daily lives, a touch of fantasy in all the rigour.”
Arc-en-Ciel, Air Caraïbes inflight magazine, July/August 2015

Guillaume Bottazzi, environmental art, heritage building

Artworks on one of the first skyscraper in France ©

“Games of urban planning – Guillaume Bottazzi, a contemporary painter, has created two giant works to decorate the entrance to a skyscraper, offering up two strange, soft, moving and colourful shapes to the rigid verticals of the architecture. The visual artist, known as far away as New York and Tokyo, creates a playful world of floating and acidulous curves that offers the concrete a beautiful exercise in weightlessness. A nod to the austerity of many cities.”
Art&Décoration magazine, January 2010

Guillaume Bottazzi's monumental painting in Brussels.

16 meters high painting, European district, Brussels ©

“Guillaume Bottazzi does not confine himself simply to rounding off the corners of the buildings he covers; his creations use a glazing technique transposed on a large scale to obtain effects of transparency, a play of light and shadow in which the gaze loses itself.”
L’œil  magazine & Le Journal des Arts, December 2016

Guillaume Bottazzi, public art in Brussels, 16 meters high's painting

16 meters high painting, European district, Brussels ©

“Directly linked to the projects to revitalize the European quarter in Brussels, this monumental work aims to improve the quality of life and well-being of the people who frequent the place.”
madame FIGARO magazine, May 2017

Mural painting designed by Guillaume Bottazzi in Martigues, by night

Painting in the historical district of Martigues, Côte d’Azur ©

“What distinguishes Guillaume Bottazzi is that he composes abstractions. His creations are not simple murals, but an artistic intervention. Indeed, one can see that in the final analysis people are quite happy to look at contemporary art. This surpassing of the merely decorative has an almost educational vocation. Without any narrative suggestion, therefore, the work raises questions about art.”
marie-claire magazine, October 2009

Guillaume Bottazzi, monumental painting in public space, France

Order from the French Ministry of Culture, painting, 13m x 10m, France ©

“The visual artist Guillaume Bottazzi affirms that ‘art in the urban environment makes it possible to take action in a global way on the social fabric’. His works, abstract paintings created in specific places, have been exhibited all over the world.”
La Gazette des Communes magazine, May 2010

Bottazzi public art, Tokyo, Roppongi

100 square meters’ artwork , Roppongi Hills, Tokyo ©

“For this artist, who creates abstract compositions in warm colours, a work is never finished and continues to reinvent itself over time. His oblong forms in search of unity sometimes make reference to cellular corpuscles liquefying and floating through space. As always, any interpretation will be in keeping with this […]. The artist is happy to stay away from any attempt to re-appropriate these signs by inviting the spectator to immerse himself in his work.”
Flux News, quarterly magazine of contemporary art news, January/February/March 2013

Guillaume Bottazzi and the joy of inhabiting

Guillaume Bottazzi – November 15th 2020

The in situ works of Guillaume Bottazzi reveal new environmental paradigms

Why having dreamlike spaces in our everyday spaces?
The in situ works of Guillaume Bottazzi modify our environment and cause new architectural paradigms to emerge.

For Gaston Bachelard, imagination constitutes the foundation of reason and perception: this is the reason why imagination takes precedence in the creation of the spaces we occupy, since – above all – we inhabit dreamlike spaces. Our imagination conditions our perceptions and our thoughts.

These poetic spaces are not places that exist in themselves. They are not an envelope in which we come to be buried and nor an objective container of elements. These poetic spaces nourish our creativity and stimulate our construction.

These in situ works create dynamic spaces, spaces inhabited by the living, always connected with the outside and the inside. These creations create spaces that transcend lines and utilitarian space.

Imaginary spaces
It is the concrete and matter that will reveal our dreams and the spirit of places. It is they that will stimulate a personal imagination; and in order to be able to dream, we must not rationalise.

For example, if we look at the building plans for a construction, we do not dream, but if we reinvent what we are looking at, we appropriate the site. To do this, we need to seek out anything unexpected in it so as to be able to inscribe the spaces we frequent into the register of our imagination.

Every landscape is an experience that connects with our imagination, and this imagination is not a passive daydream but takes shape in action, in the way a child walking along a line on his way to school pretends he is tiptoeing on the edge of a high precipice.

The spaces frequented nourish the passer-by with a form of unreality and make him dream.

Creating evolving spaces
The three-dimensionality of static spaces is an illusion.
New physics and quantum physics induce the idea that all space is evolutionary.
New physics calls into question the three-dimensionality of static spaces; this is the case of the “theory of relativity” whereby static space does not exist, but it is also the case of quantum physics for which things are no longer locatable.
New physics has revealed a new dynamic of space, where dream space is the construction of a dynamic space bringing the joy of inhabiting a given place.
It is a space that is constantly changing, an open space that is never closed, a space that evolves and surprises.

Guillaume Bottazzi

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