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Bref aperçu de Guillaume Bottazzi – Brief overview Artworks

“To change your mind”

Art in situ, Grand Paris – en cours de réalisation

A beautiful day

Guillaume Bottazzi's artist studio

Guillaume Bottazzi, art in-situ

In process, Paris

Guillaume Bottazzi – Installation in process

guillaume bottazzi rue berkendael bruxelles

“Aubade” Backlit enamelled artwork

Available on newsstands – marie claire in Belgium

“Art to boost morale” – 2024 May / June

bottazzi brussels belgium

Guillaume Bottazzi – Art in situ

Guillaume Bottazzi – Permanente installation

Permanente installation, Meudon

guillaume Bottazzi réalise une oeuvre in situ à Meudon

Guillaume Bottazzi – darc magazine

Guillaume Bottazzi – darc magazine darc is the only international magazine focused on decorative lighting in architecture and interior design 

guillaume bottazzi design beautiful spaces with lights

Guillaume Bottazzi – FRANCE 24 TV – JTV News

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