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Public Art indoor

Public art indoor in Grand Paris. This enamels art work designed by Guillaume Bottazzi takes place in Clichy.

Enamels ©

“Guillaume Bottazzi, pioneer of the neuroaesthetics stream, has since over 30 years signed about 100 artworks in public spaces.”
Les Echos newspaper, May 2021

Lighting: wall light by Guillaume, wall-mounted, made up of enamel, 3 elements

Backlit artworks ©

“Guillaume Bottazzi is the first to be convinced that certain works of art act like medicine, making us happier. He has been exploring the intimate links between neurology and art in our living spaces for more than a decade, focusing on our well-being.”
La Libre Belgique 
newspaper, April 2024

Lighting: pendant light design by Guillaume Bottazzi, made up of enamels

Backlit artworks ©

“His most recent installation is a permanent collection designed for a Beaux-Arts-style building listed as a heritage site by the city of Brussels. The new pieces are described by some as having “the power to enhance our ability to live better and feel good”. These luminous works of art in situ reduce our heart rate, stress, and anxiety, and help us to put our thoughts in order.”
DARC magazine, April / May 2024

Art in situ in Grand Paris: abstract artwork made of enamels, gold and blue, designed by Guillaume Bottazzi. Public art indoor.

Enamels ©

“For the past 30 years, the prolific Guillaume Bottazzi has been travelling the world to disseminate works in situ. A keen espouser of enamel and fabric, he is an ambassador for environmental art.”
Le Monde newspaper, September 2020

Marble mosaic designed by the artist Guillaume Bottazzi. Permanent work.

Mosaic ©

“Guillaume Bottazzi’s poetic creations invite us to experience a richer life, to strengthen our essence, to build our evolution in their company, within a magical universe. […] They give birth to poetic and enchanting spaces, whose metamorphosis follows the whims of our imagination.”
Muuuz magazine, September 2023

Public art in Lyon: two backlit artworks designed by the French artist Guillaume Bottazzi. Art and lighting installation.

Backlit artworks ©

“The works of Guillaume Bottazzi create dreamlike spaces a dreamlike space in which we live. Space does not exist in itself but is a mental construction. These works beyond reality modify our environment and make our dream.”
TL Magazine, May 2021

Public art in Marseille: this artwork made of enamels and designed by the artist Guillaume Bottazzi takes place in Marseille, France.

Enamels ©

“Two new monumental works by the painter Guillaume Bottazzi are part of Marseille’s heritage. For the pleasure of the eyes, these two poetic works will be visible to all passers-by. The fuchsia and buttercup pink tones lead us sinuously into a deliciously unreal universe. They create a dreamlike, enchanting space that evolves according to our imagination. These creations are an ode to the joy of living. They are made with enamels, a natural material composed of powdered minerals.”
Muuuz magazine, July 2022

Art in situ in Grand Paris. This artwork, designed by Guillaume Bottazzi, is made of enamels.

Enamels ©

“Guillaume Bottazzi’s practice illustrates the use of curves and the expression of a smooth beauty, without sharp edges or angles. His work automatically, probably unconsciously, arouses pleasure and catches the eye.”
Ichtus Magazine, July 2022

Public art in Grand Paris : this oil on canvas designed by Guillaume Bottazzi is ten meters long.

Oil on canvas ©

“The famous French artist Guillaume Bottazzi signs his 100th work in the public space with a painting that integrates the cathedral reception hall of the L’Archipel residence in Alfortville, Grand Paris. […]With this 100th work enthroned in the public space, Bottazzi signs a creation not only aesthetic but with recognized therapeutic virtues, which will delight visitors!”
Muuuz magazine, May 2022

Art in situ in Brussels: enamels in glass and lighting installation designed by Guillaume Bottazzi.

Enamels and lighting installation ©

“The French visual artist and painter Guillaume Bottazzi is known for his striking, soft and colourful works, which he integrates into public spaces, for museums and private collectors.”
Robb Report magazine, April 2019

Public art by the artist Guillaume Bottazzi in Mandelieu, Côte d'Azur, France. Enamels on glass.

Enamels ©

“Guillaume Bottazzi is used to creating works in public spaces. He belongs to the environmental art movement.”
Monaco Hebdo, September 2021

Lighting: wall light by Guillaume, wall-mounted, made up of enamel, 6 elements

Backlit artworks ©

“With this installation by Guillaume Bottazzi, the residents of the residence will be immersed in a poetic and enchanting universe, an ode to the joy of living.”
Immoweek, Jully 2022

Art public in Grand Paris: enamels of glass designed by Guillaume Bottazzi in Montreuil.

Enamels ©

“For Guillaume Bottazzi, the aesthetic dimension is always present in his in situ works.”
Tendances Magazine, December 2014

Art in situ in London: this orange backlit painting of the artiste Guillaume Bottazzi takes place in an office.

Painting on fabric ©

“After a neurological study carried out in 2016, The Art of Curves in the Real World, a psychological look at the art of Guillaume Bottazzi, by Helmut Leder and Marcos Nadal, we are told that art has an effect on our brain. The works of Guillaume Bottazzi are proof of this study.”
Résidences Décorations magazine, January 2019

Art in situ in Brussels: lighting installation by Guillaume Bottazzi.

Backlit artworks and oil on canvas ©

“These lighting creations give us space to breath and embody the artist’s connection with Japan where he has worked in since 2004.”
DARC magazine, January 2019

Art in situ in Brussels: backlit artwork installation by Guillaume Bottazzi.

Backlit artworks ©

“Designed to promote a sense of everyday well-being, Guillaume Bottazzi’s lamps are inspired by a zen approach to Japanese-style living.”
Belles Demeures magazine, February 2019

Public art in Grand Paris: made of enamels, this artwork was designed by Guillaume Bottazzi

Enamels ©

“Art as an exponent of sustainable development. Living better, living together and giving everyone access to culture through contemporary art: such is the project taken up by the painter Guillaume Bottazzi.”
Habitat Naturel magazine, June 2012

Public art in Paris: designed by Guillaume Bottazzi, this oil on canvas takes place in Paris, near the Eiffel Tower.

Oil on raw linen ©

“This oil painting on raw linen canvas invites us to travel in an understated and unreal universe. The painting enchants the space around it and nourishes the passer-by by making him dream. It creates a poetic and enchanting space, which evolves with our imagination.”
Prestige International Magazine, Summer 2021

Public art: fresco designed by Guillaume Bottazzi

Fresco ©

“When you approach them, you are first struck by the flying forms, curved circles and lines, volutes and circulations, which make up these murals. They float in space with a lightness that the density of the masses, however, did not allow us to foresee. They create a unique atmosphere.”
Revue Urbanisme, October 2009

Public art in France: enamels on glass, designed by Guillaume Bottazzi in Lyon.

Enamels ©

“A new monumental work by Guillaume Bottazzi is on display in Lyon, and can be discovered during the European Heritage Days. It is composed of enamels on glass and measures 3.55 m by 1.20 m. Guillaume Bottazzi translates his drawings using enamels on glass. The turquoise, blue and emerald green tones are a reference to the Saône and to the curves of the building’s atypical architecture. It is a poetic work and its dimension immerses the passer-by who can imagine, without seeing himself, to be within a surreal and aquatic universe.”
Le Parisien newspaper, September 2020

Public art in Lyon: two backlit artworks designed by the French artist Guillaume Bottazzi. Lighting installation in blue.

Backlit artworks ©

“These lighting creations serve an elegant and poetic vision, it gives us space to breathe and relate to our energy.”
The Cheshire Magazine, February 2019

Public art in Grand Paris: made of enamels, this artwork was designed by Guillaume Bottazzi, detail.

Enamels ©

“The immersive tools offered by abstract art enable Bottazzi to create ethereal forms that, as if flowing, are blurred and merge with the surface. The support becomes an integral part of the work and exudes the idea of infinity.”
Arte Al Limite magazine, summer 2017

Public art in France: enamels on glass designed by Guillaume Bottazzi in Lille, France.

Enamels ©

“French artist recognized as one of the pioneers of neuro-aesthetics, Guillaume Bottazzi has created more than 100 works of art in public spaces over the last thirty years. His environmental artworks, both indoor and outdoor, are the result of a holistic approach incorporating a range of parameters.”
La Libre Belgique newspaper, January 2023

Public art in Tokyo: backlit artwork by Guillaume Bottazzi, made of enamals.

Enamels ©

“The works of Guillaume Bottazzi invite the observer to recreate the work, not only through our interpretation of the signs but also through the modelling of space, or rather of spaces.”
Azart magazine, March 2010

Lighting: wall light by Guillaume, wall-mounted, made up of enamel, 7 elements

Enamels ©

“Approached by two Austrian neuroscientists several years ago, they demonstrated the influence of Guillaume Bottazzi’s work on reducing anxiety and increasing dopamine levels.”
Juliette & Victor Magazine, winter 2022-2023

Public art in Marseille: Guillaume Bottazzi's 3 meters high abstract painting, oil painting on raw linen.

Oil on raw linen, 3 meters high ©

“Guillaume Bottazzi’s oils on canvas are comforting […] there is warmth, softness and infinite subtleties in the nuances, the shading, the blurring.”
Maison & Jardins actuels magazine, December 2012

Public art in Lyon: two backlit artworks designed by the French artist Guillaume Bottazzi. Lighting in situ installation.

Backlit artworks ©

“When looking at this kind of painting, the form speaks for itself, and the spectator or the local resident can let themselves go to their elations and their dreams.”
Revue Urbanisme, October 2009