Guillaume Bottazzi, painting on fabric

“Sometimes Guillaume Bottazzi casts aside a linen canvas in favour of a softer, even silkier fabric, stretched to the extreme, the tint of which serves as a background. Like Matisse, he has understood that the texture of a fabric has this capacity to radiate everything while inducing the impression of an infinite space. […] On it Bottazzi leaves traces of tints, often white, always pale, as if the essential thing were to safeguard the breath of the gesture. But he is not a calligrapher. His hand manages more a caress than a movement. […] Sometimes the whiteness is obtained by a light touch of plaster. Sometimes it is an oil colour that is laid down as a glaze.”
Le Vif/LExpress magazine, November 2016

Guillaume Bottazzi's solo show at Itsutsuji Gallery in Tokyo in 2019

Itsutsuji Gallery, Tokyo, 2019

日本の私の愛 – Japan, my love is the 5th Guillaume Bottazzi’s solo show at Itsutsuji Gallery in Tokyo.
This is a poetic exhibition with a psychological approach of art. Itsutsuji Gallery is a major gallery in Japan. It is well known to have introduced Support-Surfaces artists and other like Pierre Buraglio, François Rouan, Simon Hantaï and Pierre Soulages. M. Itsutsuji was knighted by the French Government “Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres.” on the initiative of Mr. Daniel Abadie for its contribution to French art.”
Metropolis Magazine, Japan, April 2019

Guillaume Bottazzi, Le French May, Hong Kong, 2016
Le French May, Hong Kong, 2016

“Here’s a first for Hong Kong: in an area measuring 565 square metres, the Hong Kong Central Library will host the first public exhibition of Guillaume Bottazzi in Hong Kong. Founded in 1993, Le French May is one of the largest cultural events in Asia. It has become an icon of Hong Kong’s cultural scene, attracting more than a million visitors each year.”
Segno magazine, Italy, April/May 2016

Guillaume Bottazzi, solo show at Miyanomori International museum of art in Japan

Miyanomori International Museum of Art (MIMAS), Hokkaido, Japan, 2011

Hope 2011 is the title of a major event dedicated to the French artist Guillaume Bottazzi. The Miyanomori Museum will host works by the artist: oil paintings on canvas, paper, drawings and multimedia montages representing different aspects of the artist’s work in the studio. This exhibition will enable visitors to grasp and understand the world of his painting. It will include 14 paintings, most of them having been exhibited in Europe or on loan from private collectors. The largest one measures 2m x 3m. […] Finally, the earnings from admissions to the exhibition will be donated to a fund in aid of the victims of the Japanese tsunami and earthquake for the reconstruction of the areas affected by the earthquake.”
Le Courrier de lArchitecte, September 2011

Guillaume Bottazzi - Exhibition at Artiscope Gallery in Brussels

Artiscope Gallery, Brussels 2014

“An invitation to travel. The art of Guillaume Bottazzi invites us to take a voyage, reinventing our environment, imposing itself politically, socially and aesthetically as much as it does in the urban fabric. Bottazzi is the guest of the galerie Artiscope in Brussels until 4 July.”
La Libre Belgique newspaper, June 2014

Guillaume Bottazzi - French May - 2016
Le French May, Hong Kong, 2016

“The first public presentation in China for this artist who is well-known to the people of Japan, a country that is inspiring [to the artist] and inspired [by his work]. The artist’s Hong Kong exhibition offers a veritable journey into the strange. It allows the visitor to move through an unreal universe that appeals to his imagination and creativity. The paintings have no titles, intentionally so as not to guide the spectator and thus allow him to lose his way.”
TV5 Monde, May 2016

Guillaume Bottazzi - museum MIMAS, Japon

Miyanomori International Museum of Art (MIMAS), Hokkaido, Japan, 2011

“In order to gain a better understanding of Guillaume Bottazzi’s work, let us leave aside the grand phrases used to interpret art and allow ourselves simply to be guided by our emotions through his pure and colourful works, and perfect curves … The French painter, who has long been recognised in the United States and Japan, infuses his works with a playful quality; his vocation is to bring art to the eyes of the greatest number of people.”
Vibration Clandestine magazine, France, November 2013

Guillaume Bottazzi, Hong Kong, Le French May 2016
Le French May, Hong Kong, 2016

“The French artist Guillaume Bottazzi, renowned for his in situ works, will present the ‘Wonderland’ exhibition in Hong Kong at the end of May as part of ‘Le French May 2016’. First held in 1993, the event is one of Asia’s major cultural events.”
L’œil magazine and Le Journal des Arts, France, May 2016

Solo show of the artist Guillaume Bottazzi at Itsutsuji Gallery in Tokyo in 2013

Itsutsuji Gallery, Tokyo, 2013

“Guillaume Bottazzi: Recent paintings – Showcasing works by Bottazzi, which are composed of intangible elements and ethereal forms, and which are imbued with his affinity with Japan. Gallery Itsutsuji – Tokyo”
Metropolis Magazine, April 2015

Guillaume Bottazzi, Artiscope Gallery, Brussels, 2016

Artiscope Gallery, Brussels, 2016

“For this visual artist, art is a powerful medium that must encourage our personal development and push us to reinvent ourselves.”
L’Oeil magazine & Le Journal des Arts, May 2014

Guillaume Bottazzi, art video
Goldstrom Gallery, New York, 2003

“The immersive tools provided by abstract art allow Bottazzi to create ethereal shapes that, as if they were stream, are blurred and blended with the surface. The support is an integral part of the piece and gives off the idea of infinity.”
Arte Al Limite magazine, July / August 2017

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