3 meters high

Made up of enamels on glass, this Guillaume Bottazzi’s sculpture is erected at the Domaine des Diamants Blancs in Croix, in the extension of the Mallet-Stevens garden, which adjoins the Villa Cavrois, an emblematic listed building. This work by Guillaume Bottazzi is of enamel laid on heat-tempered and laminated glass. This material is used by the artist in particular for creations produced in situ. Enamel is a powdered natural material composed of different minerals, such as silica, feldspar, kaolin, metal oxides, titanium, copper carbonate, cobalt, iron oxide, manganese, tin and others. The materials are durable, able to resist the vicissitudes of time, antisocial behaviour, the sun’s rays, wind, etc…

The reputation of the coordinated teams, but also of the installers, craftsmen and technicians, is well established as regards their excellence.​ Each work is unique and formed on the basis of a number of different and, especially, contextual parameters.

Guillaume Bottazzi

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