enamels on glass

Guillaume Bottazzi's artist studio, Moliere district in Brussels
Enamel is a powdered natural material composed of different minerals, such as silica, feldspar, kaolin, metal oxides, titanium, copper carbonate, cobalt, iron oxide, manganese, tin and others.
Guillaume Bottazzi's artist studio, Moliere district in Brussels

The glass is first cleaned, in order to rid it of any impurities remaining after machining. The pigments are then deposited on the glass, suspended in a volatile oil.

The artiste Guillaume Bottazzi in his studio, work in process, december 2020
The first task for Guillaume Bottazzi consists of translating his sketches into full-size drawings before transposing them onto the glass.
It is when the glass is tempered that the fusion with the enamels takes place.
Guillaume Bottazzi's artist studio, Moliere district in Brussels
Tempering consists of bringing the glass to a high temperature by passing it through a furnace, until it reaches a temperature close to its softening point: between 550 and 700° C, depending on its composition. The surface of the glass is then rapidly cooled by immersing it in a low temperature bath.

Once tempered, the glass is usually laminated.

Unlike print on glass, enamels are extremely durable and are highly resistant to UV-ray, scratching and chemical agents.
Sculpture designed by Guillaume Bottazzi, 3 meters high, made of enamels

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